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Town Hall and Information Meeting January 21st 10:00 AM

Sunday, January 21st at 10:00 AM in the Gym

As the Session of Summerville Presbyterian Church plans for 2018 and beyond, the Elders want to share information with you about the needs of the church and to hear your thoughts and ideas on some topics under consideration. We need you! Please join us in the gym at 10:00 AM to hear about three topics Session will consider in the next few months.

Future Staffing at SPC

Dr. Mike expressed a need to Session at its Fall Retreat for a full-time pastor to assist him at SPC, budget permitting. This position is currently being filled, part time, by Commissioned Lay Pastor Bo Hamilton, who was commissioned to SPC on June 22, 2014 and began serving SPC in an assistant pastor role in October 2015 after the loss of Lamar Carney, Associate Pastor. Elder Ashley Heslop, the head of our Personnel Committee, will provide information about the paths available for ministers in the Presbyterian Church, Commissioned Lay Pastor and Ordained Minister. Ashley will give you information surrounding Session’s future decision – the requirements to be a Commissioned Lay Pastor and Ordained Minister, some differences in their roles and salary costs for each.

Capital Infrastructure Needs of SPC

Maintaining our church’s structure, functionality, history, and beauty takes continual effort. Elder Doug Hess, our Property Chairman, will brief you on our church’s most immediate infrastructure needs. Doug will give you facts about the current status of the church property and equipment, predictions of future needs, and the possible costs facing us over the next several years to update, replace, and repair these areas

Strategic Planning for SPC

Where are we headed and where do we want to go? Who are we as a church? Are we serving the Lord in our relationship with Jesus, our families, and our community? How can we honor Him and serve His people better? These are questions we hope to answer through a church-wide strategic planning process. The Spiritual Leadership Team was introduced to Mr. Kevin Garvey from the Presbyterian Foundation who has successfully assisted other churches with financial and strategic planning. Elder Colin Martin will give you a rundown on the Foundation’s process, which invites and encourages a congregation driven approach where everyone participates in the process to determine how our church will feel led by the Holy Spirit.

WE WANT YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS! The presenters will take some questions at the meeting after each topic, but will have to be mindful of our one-hour time limit. There will also be information sheets at the meeting with space to provide additional thoughts and questions as well as an email address to submit any additional input. Your comments will be reviewed and considered by Session. Email questions to: sessionspc@gmail.com.


See You There!