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Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Basket Mission smThe Thanksgiving Basket mission is an Ecumenical group consisting of four Summerville churches; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, St. John’s Catholic Church, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and Summerville Presbyterian Church, that  join together to provide Thanksgiving meals to approximately 250 – 300 families in Dorchester County at Thanksgiving time.


The Ecumenical group joins together to provide:

  • Finance the basket project
  • Worship and fellowship together at the hosting church
  • Prepare Thanksgiving baskets which will usually include; 10-12 lb Turkey, 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of yams, 2 bags of stuffing mix, 1 bag of rice, 1 can cranberry sauce and 1 package cookies
  • Deliver baskets to needy families