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Niños, jóvenes, distribución de ropa, y la construcción terminada

There is so much happening down here! Yesterday, we were able to host another morning of children’s activities. We were able to separate into two different age groups. The lesson for the day was the message of God’s love and Him dying on the cross for us. I did forget to mention something huge. Our CCI friends, Rosby, Ana, and Mana, joined us on Wednesday. Rosby and Ana having been helping to lead our children’s activities. Mana has been beneficial member in our construction team. Speaking of construction, both groups have finished their projects early. They have worked with such conviction and dedication to provide for these families.

In the afternoon, we hosted a teenager event. We played soccer and talked about God’s love. We also separated the clothing into bags to deliver to more families. We then, as a whole group, got to go deliver clothing to families in need.

God is SO good! Thank for your continued prayers of support. We would also like you to remember one of our Costa Rican friends in yours prayers, God will know why.