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New Caregiver Support Group at SPC

The Nurture Committee is pleased to share that our first Caregiver Support meeting will be on Tuesday, August 29th from 7:00-8:00 PM in the church library. We welcome any who are caring for a loved one and would like to offer and/or receive fellowship and encouragement.

At SPC, we are interested in working with families in our congregation and our community who need caregiver support. Many of us care for elderly family members, assist disabled children or siblings, or manage the health care needs of a spouse. Many times, we may not recognize that the caregiver needs a hand!

If you are a caregiver and would enjoy and/or appreciate encouraging others or being uplifted, or if you would like to offer assistance by providing respite to a caregiver (staying with a loved one while his/her caregiver runs errands, providing transportation, making a meal or making a phone call to check in on a family), please let us know. We have organized a group for caregivers and their families to share a brief fellowship time together through a devotional, express concerns or needs, and pray together for God’s guidance and strength on our journey. If you would like more information on participating in any way, or if you have suggestions/comments, please contact Ginny Gamble at 843-871-0280.

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