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Mission Connections: November update from Dan & Elizabeth Turk


Fruit Program Update

Dear Friends,

We returned to Madagascar in August from the US, where we attended Robert’s graduation from Westminster College and a PC(USA) sharing conference, and I (Dan) took the 5-week Tropical Fruit Production and Research course at the University of Florida’s Tropical Research and Extension Center (TREC) in Homestead, Florida. Taking this course is something that I had wanted to do for many years, so I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. I learned a lot about growing mangos, mamey sapotes, avocados, guavas, papayas, and other tropical fruits and am eager to apply what I learned to help improve fruit growing in Madagascar. Growing tropical fruits has tremendous potential for helping Malagasy farmers get out of poverty. About 90% of Madagascar’s farmers live in extreme poverty. Read more…