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Loaves and Fishes

Today’s devotional was based on Lamintations 3: 22-25 and focused on great is thy faithfulness, oh Lord. Jesus teaches us He is God and He stays with us at all times, from the start of the day to the finish. The church we are working with continues to express a thanks that we are congregated here from across nation. Pastor William prayed to let us work together to pull out a smile from God.

Throughout today, the team completed 3 rooms that needed to be painted, led children’s activities with about 48 children, clothing distribution for 25-30 families, continued with electrical work and building the church. We also cleaned the recreation center with a hose, some soap, and some brooms (and the help of the Tican women) that we will use tomorrow for our large day of children’s activities.

Our group hard been working hard and creating everlasting relationships. As always, we appreciate your prayers of support and for our safety. Tomorrow is a big day of celebration and witnessing. Please add this to your prayers as there has been a slight turn of events for us.