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WNL Class: All Things New

21 Feb 2018 | 06:30 pm - 07:30 pm
Place : Seekers
Phone : 843-871-0280
Email : summervillepres@gmail.com

We have heard the promise of the New Earth in Scripture, but what does that really look like? Most of our ideas about eternity come from popular culture rather than the Word of God. In “All Things New”, author John Eldredge aims to show us how much more amazing, fulfilling and rich our eternal home and our lives will be. Far from a continual worship service, or a peaceful boredom, heaven will be a renewal of all that is, in a paradise free from pain and loss, bathed in the continual presence of God.

Dr. Mike Shelton will team-teach this class that begins on Jan. 31st. Please come by the church office and pick up your copy of the book and a reading schedule. Couples are asked to share their book with each other. The cost of the book is $14 and they are available in the church office.