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Contemporary Service – Sunday 8:45 AM

    The SonRise service at SPC was established to provide members of our congregation, of all ages, and anyone from the community who wishes to join us, a Presbyterian based way to worship in a more contemporary setting.
    SonRise is more informal than our sanctuary services yet true to our Presbyterian polity and order of worship. We begin each service by praying around the communion table. We sing contemporary songs and traditional hymns. We celebrate holy communion by Intinction every Sunday. SonRise service is more interactive with announcements and prayer times. We have a rich diversity of people participating in the service with children, youth, and adults helping to lead the different parts of worship.
    We take the words of the psalmist to heart as we joyfully raise our voices to the Lord. All these elements combine to make for a more personal, intimate worship experience.
    Come to the table and stand by our side!