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Elementary School – K5 to 5th Grade

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During the calendar school year we offer the Growing in Grace & Gratitude curriculum from PC(USA). Children learn a memory verse and study a theme for an entire month with a focus each week on a different Bible story. All children from ages K5 to 5th Grade gather together at the beginning of class in the K5 through 3rd grade class room.  Announcements and the Bible lesson for the week is discussed. Groups are then split up between K5-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade in separate rooms to discuss the Bible lesson more in depth, play games, do crafts, and other Small Group activities to focus on the theme.

Growing in Grace & Gratitude is quarterly curriculum that will help transform the lives of children and those who love them, shaped by grace and gratitude. Each session shares a Bible story that reveals God’s grace for us. Through fun, age-appropriate activities, prayer, and music, children and their leaders will celebrate the meaning of this grace in their lives as they encounter a living God.

Contact Sarah Harbin-Coleman, Director of Children’s Ministry at summervillepreskids@gmail.com for more information.

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