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Costa Rica Missions

388The emphasis of our Costa Rica Missions is providing Christian support for churches and communities in rural areas of Costa Rica. Partnering with Pastor Minor Gonzales and the Centro Christiano Internacional Church (CCI) in Heredia Costa Rica we have worked with smaller congregations in areas like Upala, Popoyoapa, Sarapiqui, Tierra Blanca, and Barranca.  Our travel team gets involved in all aspects of support for these churches providing Children’s Bible lessons and activities, evangelism in the communities, clothing distributions, worship, and needed construction projects for basic improvements for the churches and communities.  We also help support CCI’s Children’s Christmas project that provides over 300 children in these regions with gifts at Christmas time.


cr1Additional financial assistance from our congregation helps support the Roblealto Home in Costa Rica.  This group of homes provides care for the children of Costa Rica that are in critical situations, at social risk, and in need of specialized care. The Roblealto Home is serving well over 400 children mostly from impoverished areas of Costa Rica. http://www.roblealto.org/