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This morning we attended church at CCI Atenas, the church where we have been working. We were surprised by the band, from last night’s concert, was joining us to play for the church service today. During the service, much appreciation was given to our church for financial support and our group coming and serving with them. Pastor Allan preached about how we have to remember to reveal to the world we are Christians and our true identity. He told us we don’t need more love when we accept Jesus Christ because we are given infinite love, we just have to excercise it. When we love each other to the point of giving our lives for one another, it is then that we love like Christ loves. Let us love not from the mouth out but by our deeds and actions. We have an important task to carry out: looking for willful hearts. We are excited that the environment here is rich. Today we had a woman from the area come to accept Jesus Chirst as her Savior.

The Band
Worship from the other side
Joe speaking on behalf of our Church
Pastor Allan

During church, we sang a song that our church has sang many times, When a Poor One. Wayne joined the band to sing the song in English while the band sang in Spanish. It was sung with grateful hearts and joyful noise.

Wayne joining the band for When A Poor One