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Bible Basics

Bible 2

This class enjoys shared teaching among a team of presenters, on a rotating basis, with each teacher having a unique style. As the class name implies, though, the studies are focused on discovering what the Scriptures reveal. The format is to delve into a particular book of the Bible looking carefully at the passages verse by verse. Often, there is comparison with other verses in other books, in order to seek a clear picture of what God wants to reveal. Sometimes a whole chapter can be covered in one class; sometimes it takes considerably longer, depending upon the class discussion on any given Sunday. Anyone and everyone can join in the discussion, as desired.  They meet on Sunday mornings in the Lanneau Hallway, to the right of the water fountain, near the breezeway door.

This Summer Bible Basics and Adult Discussion Classes will join to study David Jeremiah’s 7 Churches in The Revelation.  Members receive a study book and watch video lessons along with in depth class discussion.