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All Things in Christ!

In today’s lesson, given by Pastor Allan’s wife, we spoke about having compassion for all people no matter what even if they they are here for just the loaves and fishes. We spoke of Jesus curing the lepers and only 1 returning to follow Him. She reminded us today, we have to show compassion for all people even the people who are here just for the doctor, the hair cut, the children’s activities, or the food. Be sure to show the love of God to everyone!

It was a big day for the children! We had more CCI members join us in addition to Manuel and Luis. As a group, we led craft activities, outside activities (that included the trampoline and swingset we rebuilt throughout the week, jump castle, soccer, and parachute). We had around 60 children attend this day. During the children’s activities, the families were able to recieve clothing, medical care from David and 2 other doctors, and a haircut for men.

Children’s Lessons
Let’s go jump on the trampoline!
Swingset fun
Doctor Visits

The electrical is complete for what could be done while they are building the church. The construction of the church has gone quickly and most of the support is in place.

Church Construction

Last night our partner church here in Costa Rica, CCI, invited us to a concert at their church. It was a wonderful concert given by their church band. We got to see old friends from past trips and new ones from our current trip. Pastor Allan and his daughter, from the church we our working at, were able to join us as well. We also got to meet long time friends, Rosby and Manuel’s baby, Sarah! She is so sweet!

CCI Concert
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