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Actividades de los niños, la distribución de la ropa, y construcción

Yesterday morning, the children’s group gather the materials and headed to the plaza to spread God’s love. This is one of the coolest venues I have participated in for the children’s activities. The plaza that we are at is located in the center of town with a constant flow of people moving around. We had children, teenagers, and adults come of the streets, join in, and listen to our message. We played introductory games with the children and concluded with a message about God’s love and blessings. Later in the day, the group headed out to deliver the clothing to the children in the area that were identified by our partner church as in critical need. This was a wonderful experience. The children and the families were so thankful.

With construction, we are working on two houses that Lidia from CCI determined necessary to repair. The first house, the pink house, was completely destroyed by the flooding; however, due to meeting government prerequisites, the house was replaced. The team was given the task to add an awning to the back of the house to provide a shelter for the family to do their laundry. The second house, the wooden house, also lost everything but did not receive government assistance. The family has slowly made progress on their own to return to a normal life. Our team was commissioned to install flooring in their temporary living. We also installed a sink for the family to do their laundry. There are no words to describe what these families have been and are currently going through.

Pictures will come ‘soon’ as I am having difficulty with internet. We appreciate your continued support and prayers.